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    nfscl: Fix must_commit handling for mirrored pNFS mounts · 24947b70
    Rick Macklem authored
    For pNFS mounts to mirrored Flexible File layout pNFS servers,
    the "must_commit" component in the nfsclwritedsdorpc
    structure must be checked and the "must_commit" argument passed
    into nfscl_doiods() must be updated.  Technically, only writes to
    the DS with a writeverf change must be redone, but since this
    occurrence will be rare, the must_commit argument to nfscl_doiosd()
    is set to 1, so all writes to all DSs will be redone.
    This bug would affect few, since use of mirrored pNFS servers
    is rare and "writeverf" rarely changes. Normally "writeverf"
    only changes when a NFS server reboots.
    MFC after:	2 weeks