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    Add handling for non-native error values to libsysdecode. · 287b96dd
    John Baldwin authored
    Add two new functions, sysdecode_abi_to_freebsd_errno() and
    sysdecode_freebsd_to_abi_errno(), which convert errno values between
    the native FreeBSD ABI and other supported ABIs. Note that the
    mappings are not necessarily perfect meaning in some cases multiple
    errors in one ABI might map to a single error in another ABI. In that
    case, the reverse mapping will return one of the errors that maps, but
    which error is non-deterministic.
    Change truss to always report the raw error value to the user but
    use libsysdecode to map it to a native errno value that can be used
    with strerror() to generate a description. Previously truss reported
    the "converted" error value. Now the user will always see the exact
    error value that the application sees.
    Change kdump to report the truly raw error value to the user. Previously
    kdump would report the absolute value of the raw error value (so for
    Linux binaries it didn't output the FreeBSD error value, but the positive
    value of the Linux error). Now it reports the real (i.e. negative) error
    value for Linux binaries. Also, use libsysdecode to convert the native
    FreeBSD error reported in the ktrace record to the raw error used by the
    ABI. This means that the Linux ABI can now be handled directly in
    ktrsysret() and removes the need for linux_ktrsysret().
    Reviewed by:	bdrewery, kib
    Helpful notes:	wblock (manpage)
    Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D5314