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    vendor/bc: imoport release 5.0.0 · 2f57ecae
    Stefan Eßer authored
    This is a new major release with a number of changes and extensions:
    - Limited the number of temporary numbers and made the space for them
      static so that allocating more space for them cannot fail.
    - Allowed integers with non-zero scale to be used with power, places,
      and shift operators.
    - Added greatest common divisor and least common multiple to lib2.bc.
    - Made bc and dc UTF-8 capable.
    - Added the ability for users to have bc and dc quit on SIGINT.
    - Added the ability for users to disable prompt and TTY mode by
      environment variables.
    - Added the ability for users to redefine keywords.
    - Added dc's modular exponentiation and divmod to bc.
    - Added the ability to assign strings to variables and array elements
      and pass them to functions in bc.
    - Added dc's asciify command and stream printing to bc.
    - Added bitwise and, or, xor, left shift, right shift, reverse,
      left rotate, right rotate, and mod functions to lib2.bc.
    - Added the functions s2u(x) and s2un(x,n), to lib2.bc.