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    Don't use a time-limiting loop that's defined in terms of the baudrate · 35777a2a
    Marcel Moolenaar authored
    in the putc() method.  Likewise, in the getc() method, don't check for
    received characters with an interval defined in terms of the baudrate.
    In both cases it works equally well to implement a fixed delay.  More
    importantly, it avoids calculating a delay that's roughly 1/10th the
    time it takes to send/receive a character. The calculation is costly
    and happens for every character sent or received, affecting low-level
    console or debug port performance significantly. Secondly, when the
    RCLK is not available or unreliable, the delays could disrupt normal
    The fixed delay is 1/10th the time it takes to send a character at
    230400 bps.