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    nfscl: Make vfs.nfs.maxcopyrange larger by default · 55089ef4
    Rick Macklem authored
    As of commit 103b2075, the NFSv4.2 server will limit the size
    of a Copy operation based upon a 1 second timeout.  The Linux 5.2
    kernel server also limits Copy operation size to 4Mbytes.
    As such, the NFSv4.2 client can attempt a large Copy without
    resulting in a long RPC RTT for these servers.
    This patch changes vfs.nfs.maxcopyrange to 64bits and sets
    the default to the maximum possible size of SSIZE_MAX, since
    a larger size makes the Copy operation more efficient and
    allows for copying to complete with fewer RPCs.
    The sysctl may be need to be made smaller for other non-FreeBSD
    NFSv4.2 servers.
    MFC after:	2 weeks