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    nfscl: Fix NFSv4.1/4.2 Lookup+Open RPC · 57014f21
    Rick Macklem authored
    Use of the Lookup+Open RPC is currently disabled,
    due to a problem detected during testing.  This
    patch fixes this problem.  The problem was that
    nfscl_postop_attr() does not parse the attributes
    if nd_repstat != 0.  It also would parse the
    return status for the operation, where the
    Lookup+Open code had already parsed it.
    The first change in the patch does not make any
    semantics change, but makes the code identical
    to what is done later in the function, so that
    it is apparent that the semantics should be the
    same in both places.
    Lookup+Open remains disabled while further
    testing is being done, so this patch has no
    effect at this time.