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    Brad Davis identified a problem with the new LRO code, VLAN's · 5b63b220
    Randall Stewart authored
    no longer worked. The problem was that the defines used the
    same space as the VLAN id. This commit does three things.
    1) Move the LRO used fields to the PH_per fields. This is
       safe since the entire PH_per is used for IP reassembly
       which LRO code will not hit.
    2) Remove old unused pace fields that are not used in mbuf.h
    3) The VLAN processing is not in the mbuf queueing code. Consequently
       if a VLAN submits to Rack or BBR we need to bypass the mbuf queueing
       for now until rack_bbr_common is updated to handle the VLAN properly.
    Reported by:	Brad Davis