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    Eliminate vm_phys_bootstrap_alloc(). It was a failed attempt at · 5c1f2cc4
    Alan Cox authored
    eliminating duplicated code in the various pmap implementations.
    Micro-optimize vm_phys_free_pages().
    Introduce vm_phys_free_contig().  It is fast routine for freeing an
    arbitrary number of physically contiguous pages.  In particular, it
    doesn't require the number of pages to be a power of two.
    Use "u_long" instead of "unsigned long".
    Bruce Evans (bde@) has convinced me that the "boundary" parameters
    to kmem_alloc_contig(), vm_phys_alloc_contig(), and
    vm_reserv_reclaim_contig() should be of type "vm_paddr_t" and not
    "u_long".  Make this change.