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    Replace all mtx_lock()/mtx_unlock() on n_mtx with the macros. · 5d85e12f
    Rick Macklem authored
    For a long time, some places in the NFS code have locked/unlocked the
    NFS node lock with the macros NFSLOCKNODE()/NFSUNLOCKNODE() whereas
    others have simply used mtx_lock()/mtx_unlock().
    Since the NFS node mutex needs to change to an sx lock so it can be held when
    vnode_pager_setsize() is called, replace all occurrences of mtx_lock/mtx_unlock
    with the macros to simply making the change to an sx lock in future commit.
    There is no semantic change as a result of this commit.
    I am not sure if the change to an sx lock will be MFC'd soon, so I put
    an MFC of 1 week on this commit so that it could be MFC'd with that commit.
    Suggested by:	kib
    MFC after:	1 week