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    tcp: Mbuf leak while holding a socket buffer lock. · 67e89281
    Randall Stewart authored
    When running at NF the current Rack and BBR changes with the recent
    commits from Richard that cause the socket buffer lock to be held over
    the ip_output() call and then finally culminating in a call to tcp_handle_wakeup()
    we get a lot of leaked mbufs. I don't think that this leak is actually caused
    by holding the lock or what Richard has done, but is exposing some other
    bug that has probably been lying dormant for a long time. I will continue to
    look (using his changes) at what is going on to try to root cause out the issue.
    In the meantime I can't leave the leaks out for everyone else. So this commit
    will revert all of Richards changes and move both Rack and BBR back to just
    doing the old sorwakeup_locked() calls after messing with the so_rcv buffer.
    We may want to look at adding back in Richards changes after I have pinpointed
    the root cause of the mbuf leak and fixed it.
    Reviewed by: mtuexen,rscheff
    Sponsored by: Netflix Inc
    Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D30704