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    nfscl: Acquire a refcount on "cred" for mirrored pNFS RPCs · 70910e4b
    Rick Macklem authored
    When the NFSv4.1/4.2 client is doing a pnfs mount to
    mirrored DS(s), asynchronous threads are used to do the
    RPCs against the DS(s) concurrently.  If a DS is slow
    to reply, it is possible for the "cred" to be free'd
    before the asynchronous thread is done with it, causing
    a panic/crash.
    This patch fixes the problem by acquiring a refcount on
    the "cred" while it is being used by the asynchronous thread
    for a DS RPC.  This bug was found during a recent IETF
    NFSv4 testing event.
    This bug only affects "pnfs" mounts to mirrored pNFS
    MFC after:	2 weeks