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    nfscl: Avoid KASSERT() panic in cache_enter_time() · 7f5508fe
    Rick Macklem authored
    Commit 844aa31c added cache_enter_time_flags(), specifically
    so that the NFS client could specify that cache enter replace
    any stale entry for the same name.  Doing so avoids a KASSERT()
    panic() in cache_enter_time(), as reported by the PR.
    This patch uses cache_enter_time_flags() for Readdirplus, to
    avoid the panic(), since it is impossible for the NFS client
    to know if another client (or a local process on the NFS server)
    has replaced a file with another file of the same name.
    This patch only affects NFS mounts that use the "rdirplus"
    mount option.
    There may be other places in the NFS client where this needs
    to be done, but no panic() has been observed during testing.
    PR:	257043
    MFC after:	2 weeks