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    Bug fix to UFS/FFS superblock integrity checks when reading a superblock. · 800a53b4
    Kirk McKusick authored
    One of the checks was that the cylinder group size (fs_cgsize)
    matched that calculated by CGSIZE(). The value calculated by CGSIZE()
    has changed over time as the filesystem has evolved. Thus comparing
    the value of CGSIZE() of the current generation filesystem may not
    match the size as computed by CGSIZE() that was in effect at the
    time an older filesystem was created. Therefore the check for
    fs_cgsize is changed to simply ensure that it is not larger than
    the filesystem blocksize (fs_bsize).
    Reported by: Martin Birgmeier
    Tested by:   Martin Birgmeier
    MFC after:   1 month (with 076002f2)
    PR:          264450
    Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D35219