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    libsysdecode: Add a new ABI type, SYSDECODE_ABI_CLOUDABI32. · 87f69bee
    Ed Schouten authored
    In order to let truss(8) support tracing of 32-bit CloudABI
    applications, we need to add a new ABI type to libsysdecode. We can
    reuse the existing errno mapping table. Also link in the cloudabi32
    system call table to translate system call names.
    While there, remove all of the architecture ifdefs. There are not
    needed, as the CloudABI data types and system call tables build fine on
    any architecture. Building this unconditionally will make it easier to
    do tracing for different compat modes, emulation, etc.
    Reviewed by:	jhb
    Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D13516