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    Update to igb and em: · 8ec87fc5
    Jack F Vogel authored
    em revision 7.0.0:
    	- Using driver devclass, seperate legacy (pre-pcie) code
    	  into a seperate source file. This will at least help
    	  protect against regression issues. It compiles along
    	  with em, and is transparent to end use, devices in each
    	  appear to be 'emX'. When using em in a modular form this
    	  also allows the legacy stuff to be defined out.
    	- Add tx and rx rings as in igb, in the 82574 this becomes
    	  actual multiqueue for the first time (2 queues) while in
    	  other PCIE adapters its just make code cleaner.
    	- Add RX mbuf handling logic that matches igb, this will
    	  eliminate packet drops due to temporary mbuf shortage.
    igb revision 1.9.3:
    	- Following the ixgbe code, use a new approach in what
    	  was called 'get_buf', the routine now has been made
    	  independent of rxeof, it now does the update to the
    	  engine TDT register, this design allows temporary
    	  mbuf resources to become non-critical, not requiring
    	  a packet to be discarded, instead it just returns and
    	  does not increment the tail pointer.
    	- With the above change it was also unnecessary to keep
    	  'spare' maps around, since we do not have the discard
    	- Performance tweaks and improvements to the code also.
    MFC in a week