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    Modify writing to mirrored pNFS DSs to prepare for use of ext_pgs mbufs. · 9516bcdf
    Rick Macklem authored
    This patch modifies writing to mirrored pNFS DSs slightly so that there is
    only one m_copym() call for a mirrored pair instead of two of them.
    This call replaces the custom nfsm_copym() call, which is no longer needed
    and deleted by this patch. The patch does introduce a new nfsm_split()
    function that only calls m_split() for the non-ext_pgs case.
    The semantics of nfsm_uiombuflist() is changed to include code that nul
    pads the generated mbuf list. This was done by nfsm_copym() prior to this patch.
    The main reason for this change is that it allows the data to be a list
    of ext_pgs mbufs, since the m_copym() is for the entire mbuf list.
    This support will be added in a future commit.
    This patch only affects writing to mirrored flexible file layout pNFS servers.