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    - Add a uart_rxready() and corresponding device-specific implementations · 97202af2
    Marius Strobl authored
      that can be used to check whether receive data is ready, i.e. whether
      the subsequent call of uart_poll() should return a char, and unlike
      uart_poll() doesn't actually receive data.
    - Remove the device-specific implementations of uart_poll() and implement
      uart_poll() in terms of uart_getc() and the newly added uart_rxready()
      in order to minimize code duplication.
    - In sunkbd(4) take advantage of uart_rxready() and use it to implement
      the polled mode part of sunkbd_check() so we don't need to buffer a
      potentially read char in the softc.
    - Fix some mis-indentation in sunkbd_read_char().
    Discussed with:	marcel