Commit 07c2b29b authored by John Baldwin's avatar John Baldwin
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Trim a couple of duplicate entries from WITHOUT_PROFILE.

parent 99188582
...@@ -7640,8 +7640,6 @@ OLD_FILES+=usr/lib/libzfs_core_p.a ...@@ -7640,8 +7640,6 @@ OLD_FILES+=usr/lib/libzfs_core_p.a
OLD_FILES+=usr/lib/libzfs_p.a OLD_FILES+=usr/lib/libzfs_p.a
OLD_FILES+=usr/lib/libzfsbootenv_p.a OLD_FILES+=usr/lib/libzfsbootenv_p.a
OLD_FILES+=usr/lib/libzutil_p.a OLD_FILES+=usr/lib/libzutil_p.a
.endif .endif
.if ${MK_QUOTAS} == no .if ${MK_QUOTAS} == no
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