Commit 0b92a7fe authored by Arnaud Ysmal's avatar Arnaud Ysmal Committed by Wojciech Macek
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LACP: Do not wait response for marker messages not sent

The error returned when a marker message can not be emitted on a port is not handled.

This cause the lacp to block all emissions until the timeout of 3 seconds is reached.

To fix this issue, I just clear the LACP_PORT_MARK flag when the packet could not be emitted.

Differential revision:
Obtained from:		Stormshield
parent 492bf4fd
......@@ -919,7 +919,8 @@ lacp_suppress_distributing(struct lacp_softc *lsc, struct lacp_aggregator *la)
/* send a marker frame down each port to verify the queues are empty */
LIST_FOREACH(lp, &lsc->lsc_ports, lp_next) {
lp->lp_flags |= LACP_PORT_MARK;
if (lacp_xmit_marker(lp) != 0)
lp->lp_flags &= ~LACP_PORT_MARK;
/* set a timeout for the marker frames */
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