Commit 156fbc64 authored by Mateusz Piotrowski's avatar Mateusz Piotrowski
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git hooks: Remove MFH

The ports tree now has its own prepare-commit-msg Git hook, so there is
not need to keep ports-specific metadata fields around in the src tree.

Differential Revision:
parent dcf2dfed
......@@ -50,7 +50,6 @@ $(awk '1;/^#$/{exit}' $1)
# Obtained from: <If the change is from a third party.>
# Fixes: <Short hash and title line of commit fixed by this change>
# MFC after: <N [day[s]|week[s]|month[s]]. Request a reminder email>
# MFH: <Ports tree branch name. Request approval for merge.>
# Relnotes: <Set to 'yes' for mention in release notes.>
# Security: <Vulnerability reference (one per line) or description.>
# Sponsored by: <If the change was sponsored by an organization.>
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