Commit 16f5a4ea authored by Ryan Moeller's avatar Ryan Moeller Committed by Martin Matuska
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Install links for zpool feature compat aliases

The alias links were missed when this feature was introduced to the
FreeBSD build system in 10f57cb9.

Reviewed by:	mm
Sponsored by:	iXsystems, Inc.
Differential Revision:

(cherry picked from commit 2ae79aa3)
parent 57b9b818
......@@ -25,4 +25,25 @@ FILES= \
FILESDIR= ${SHAREDIR}/zfs/compatibility.d
${FILESDIR}/compat-2018 ${FILESDIR}/2018 \
${FILESDIR}/compat-2019 ${FILESDIR}/2019 \
${FILESDIR}/compat-2020 ${FILESDIR}/2020 \
${FILESDIR}/compat-2021 ${FILESDIR}/2021 \
${FILESDIR}/freebsd-11.0 ${FILESDIR}/freebsd-11.1 \
${FILESDIR}/freebsd-11.0 ${FILESDIR}/freenas-11.0 \
${FILESDIR}/freebsd-11.2 ${FILESDIR}/freenas-11.2 \
${FILESDIR}/freebsd-11.3 ${FILESDIR}/freebsd-11.4 \
${FILESDIR}/freebsd-11.3 ${FILESDIR}/freebsd-12.0 \
${FILESDIR}/freebsd-11.3 ${FILESDIR}/freebsd-12.1 \
${FILESDIR}/freebsd-11.3 ${FILESDIR}/freebsd-12.2 \
${FILESDIR}/freebsd-11.3 ${FILESDIR}/freenas-11.3 \
${FILESDIR}/freenas-11.0 ${FILESDIR}/freenas-11.1 \
${FILESDIR}/openzfsonosx-1.9.3 ${FILESDIR}/openzfsonosx-1.9.4 \
${FILESDIR}/openzfs-2.0-freebsd ${FILESDIR}/truenas-12.0 \
${FILESDIR}/zol-0.7 ${FILESDIR}/ubuntu-18.04 \
${FILESDIR}/zol-0.8 ${FILESDIR}/ubuntu-20.04
.include <>
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