Commit 172a8241 authored by Kyle Evans's avatar Kyle Evans
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ifconfig: wg: stop requiring peer endpoints

The way that wireguard is designed does not actually require all peers
to have endpoints. In an architecture that might mimic a traditional
VPN server <-> client, the wg interface on a server would have a number
of peers without set endpoints -- the expectation is that the "clients"
will connect to the "server" peer, which will authenticate the
connection as a known peer and learn the endpoint from there.

MFC after:	3 days
Discussed with:	decke, grehan (independently)
parent 1ae20f7c
......@@ -400,8 +400,6 @@ peerfinish(int s, void *arg)
errx(1, "failed to allocate nvl_array");
if (!nvlist_exists_binary(nvl_params, "public-key"))
errx(1, "must specify a public-key for adding peer");
if (!nvlist_exists_binary(nvl_params, "endpoint"))
errx(1, "must specify an endpoint for adding peer");
if (allowed_ips_count == 0)
errx(1, "must specify at least one range of allowed-ips to add a peer");
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