Commit 24a41a52 authored by Ed Maste's avatar Ed Maste
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src.conf.5: regen after WITHOUT_CXX description update

parent 145a574f
.\" DO NOT EDIT-- this file is @generated by tools/build/options/makeman.
.\" $FreeBSD$
.Dd November 26, 2021
.Dd December 2, 2021
......@@ -471,12 +471,8 @@ Build
This is a default setting on
amd64/amd64, arm64/aarch64, i386/i386 and powerpc/powerpc64.
Do not build
.Xr c++ 1
and related libraries.
It will also prevent building of
.Xr gperf 1
Do not build C++ headers and runtime libraries.
It also prevents building binaries and libraries written in C++, including
.Xr devd 8 .
When set, it enforces these options:
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