Commit 299f8977 authored by Kyle Evans's avatar Kyle Evans
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if_wg: wg_input: remove a couple locals (NFC)

We have no use for the udphdr or this hlen local, just spell out the
addition inline.

MFC after:	3 days
Reviewed by:	grehan, markj
Differential Revision:
parent e4b8deb2
......@@ -1891,17 +1891,14 @@ wg_input(struct mbuf *m0, int offset, struct inpcb *inpcb,
struct wg_pkt_data *pkt_data;
struct wg_endpoint *e;
struct wg_softc *sc = _sc;
struct udphdr *uh;
struct mbuf *m;
int pktlen, pkttype, hlen;
int pktlen, pkttype;
struct noise_remote *remote;
struct wg_tag *t;
void *data;
uh = (struct udphdr *)(m0->m_data + offset);
hlen = offset + sizeof(struct udphdr);
m_adj(m0, hlen);
/* Caller provided us with srcsa, no need for this header. */
m_adj(m0, offset + sizeof(struct udphdr));
* Ensure mbuf has at least enough contiguous data to peel off our
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