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Remove pc98 support completely.

I thank all developers and contributors for pc98.

Relnotes:	yes
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......@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ _MAKE+= MK_META_MODE=no
# Guess machine architecture from machine type, and vice versa.
.if !defined(TARGET_ARCH) && defined(TARGET)
_TARGET_ARCH= ${TARGET:S/pc98/i386/:S/arm64/aarch64/}
_TARGET_ARCH= ${TARGET:S/arm64/aarch64/}
.elif !defined(TARGET) && defined(TARGET_ARCH) && \
_TARGET= ${TARGET_ARCH:C/mips(n32|64)?(el)?(hf)?/mips/:C/arm(v6)?(eb)?/arm/:C/aarch64/arm64/:C/powerpc64/powerpc/:C/powerpcspe/powerpc/:C/riscv64(sf)?/riscv/}
......@@ -417,13 +417,12 @@ worlds: .PHONY
# existing system is.
.if make(universe) || make(universe_kernels) || make(tinderbox) || make(targets)
TARGETS?=amd64 arm arm64 i386 mips pc98 powerpc sparc64
TARGETS?=amd64 arm arm64 i386 mips powerpc sparc64
TARGET_ARCHES_arm?= arm armeb armv6
TARGET_ARCHES_arm64?= aarch64
TARGET_ARCHES_mips?= mipsel mips mips64el mips64 mipsn32 mipselhf mipshf mips64elhf mips64hf
TARGET_ARCHES_powerpc?= powerpc powerpc64 powerpcspe
TARGET_ARCHES_pc98?= i386
.for target in ${TARGETS}
TARGET_ARCHES_${target}?= ${target}
......@@ -349,7 +349,6 @@ KNOWN_ARCHES?= aarch64/arm64 \
armeb/arm \
armv6/arm \
i386 \
i386/pc98 \
mips \
mipsel/mips \
mips64el/mips \
......@@ -38,6 +38,17 @@
# xargs -n1 | sort | uniq -d;
# done
# 20170128: remove pc98 support
# 20170110: Four files from ggate tests consolidated into one
# $FreeBSD$
# @(#)ttys 5.1 (Berkeley) 4/17/89
# This file specifies various information about terminals on the system.
# It is used by several different programs. Common entries for the
# various columns include:
# name The name of the terminal device.
# getty The program to start running on the terminal. Typically a
# getty program, as the name implies. Other common entries
# include none, when no getty is needed, and xdm, to start the
# X Window System.
# type The initial terminal type for this port. For hardwired
# terminal lines, this will contain the type of terminal used.
# For virtual consoles, the correct type is typically cons25w.
# Other common values include dialup for incoming modem ports, and
# unknown when the terminal type cannot be predetermined.
# status Must be on or off. If on, init will run the getty program on
# the specified port. If the word "secure" appears, this tty
# allows root login.
# name getty type status comments
# If console is marked "insecure", then init will ask for the root password
# when going to single-user mode.
console none unknown off secure
ttyv0 "/usr/libexec/getty Pc" cons25w on secure
# Virtual terminals
ttyv1 "/usr/libexec/getty Pc" cons25w on secure
ttyv2 "/usr/libexec/getty Pc" cons25w on secure
ttyv3 "/usr/libexec/getty Pc" cons25w on secure
ttyv4 "/usr/libexec/getty Pc" cons25w on secure
ttyv5 "/usr/libexec/getty Pc" cons25w on secure
ttyv6 "/usr/libexec/getty Pc" cons25w on secure
ttyv7 "/usr/libexec/getty Pc" cons25w on secure
ttyv8 "/usr/local/bin/xdm -nodaemon" xterm off secure
# Serial terminals
# The 'dialup' keyword identifies dialin lines to login, fingerd etc.
ttyu0 "/usr/libexec/getty 3wire" vt100 onifconsole secure
ttyu1 "/usr/libexec/getty 3wire" vt100 onifconsole secure
ttyu2 "/usr/libexec/getty 3wire" vt100 onifconsole secure
ttyu3 "/usr/libexec/getty 3wire" vt100 onifconsole secure
# Dumb console
dcons "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt100 off secure
......@@ -112,7 +112,6 @@ icelandic.iso) echo is;;
it.iso) echo it;;
jp.106x) echo jp.capsctrl;;
jp.106) echo jp;;
#?? jp.pc98.iso) echo jp.pc98;; echo;;
kk.pt154.kst) echo kz.kst;;
latinamerican.iso.acc) echo latinamerican.acc;;
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ tables.h: mktables
ioctl.c: .PHONY
ioctl.c: mkioctls .META
env CPP="${CPP}" \
/bin/sh ${.CURDIR}/mkioctls ${DESTDIR}${INCLUDEDIR} > ${.TARGET}
beforedepend: ioctl.c tables.h
......@@ -24,15 +24,7 @@ ioctl_includes=$(
awk '{printf("#include <%s>\\n", $1)}'
: ${MACHINE=$(uname -m)}
case "${MACHINE}" in
ioctl_includes="$ioctl_includes#include <sys/diskpc98.h>\\n"
ioctl_includes="$ioctl_includes#include <sys/diskmbr.h>\\n"
ioctl_includes="$ioctl_includes#include <sys/diskmbr.h>\\n"
awk -v x="$ioctl_includes" 'BEGIN {print x}' |
$CPP -nostdinc -I$includedir -dM -DCOMPAT_43TTY - |
# $FreeBSD$
# Because i386 adds extra stuff we don't need or want for PC98 we need
# an empty file so it doesn't get added.
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ element will be included. For example:
<para arch="sparc64">SPARC64-specific text</para>
The currently-supported architectures are amd64, arm, i386, pc98,
The currently-supported architectures are amd64, arm, i386,
powerpc and sparc64. An element may appear for multiple architectures
by specifying a comma-separated list of architectures
(i.e. arch="sparc64,amd64").
......@@ -252,35 +252,6 @@
more information.</para>
<sect2 xml:id="proc-pc98">
<para>NEC PC-9801/9821 series with almost all &i386;-compatible
processors, including 80486, &pentium;, &pentium; Pro,
&pentium; II, and variants. All &i386;-compatible processors
by AMD, Cyrix, IBM, and IDT are also supported.</para>
<para>NEC FC-9801/9821 series, and NEC SV-98 series (both of
them are compatible with PC-9801/9821 series) should be
<para>EPSON PC-386/486/586 series, which are compatible with NEC
PC-9801 series are supported.</para>
<para>High-resolution mode is not supported. NEC
PC-98XA/XL/RL/XL^2, and NEC PC-H98 series are supported in
normal (PC-9801 compatible) mode only.</para>
<para>Although there are some multi-processor systems (such as
Rs20/B20), SMP-related features of &os; are not supported
<para>PC-9801/9821 standard bus (called C-Bus), PC-9801NOTE
expansion bus (110pin), and PCI bus are supported. New Extend
Standard Architecture (NESA) bus (used in PC-H98, SV-H98, and
FC-H98 series) is not supported.</para>
<sect2 xml:id="proc-powerpc">
......@@ -636,17 +607,9 @@
<sect2 xml:id="disk">
<title>Disk Controllers</title>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;, &arch.sparc64;]
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.sparc64;]
IDE/ATA controllers (&man.ata.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.pc98;] IDE/ATA controllers (wdc driver)</para>
<para>On-board IDE controller</para>
......@@ -673,8 +636,6 @@
......@@ -894,8 +855,6 @@
......@@ -904,7 +863,7 @@
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] SMC 83c17x
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] SMC 83c17x
(EPIC)-based Ethernet NICs (&man.tx.4; driver)</para>
......@@ -934,8 +893,7 @@
<sect2 xml:id="fddi">
<title>FDDI Interfaces</title>
<para>[&arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] DEC DEFPA PCI (&man.fpa.4;
<para>[&arch.i386;] DEC DEFPA PCI (&man.fpa.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.i386;] DEC DEFEA EISA (&man.fpa.4; driver)</para>
......@@ -943,28 +901,28 @@
<sect2 xml:id="atm">
<title>ATM Interfaces</title>
<para>[&arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] Midway-based ATM interfaces
<para>[&arch.i386;] Midway-based ATM interfaces
(&man.en.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.i386;, &arch.pc98; &arch.sparc64;] FORE Systems,
<para>[&arch.i386;, &arch.sparc64;] FORE Systems,
Inc. PCA-200E ATM PCI Adapters (hfa and &man.fatm.4;
<para>[&arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] IDT NICStAR 77201/211-based ATM
<para>[&arch.i386;] IDT NICStAR 77201/211-based ATM
Adapters (&man.idt.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.i386;, &arch.pc98; &arch.sparc64;] FORE Systems,
<para>[&arch.i386;, &arch.sparc64;] FORE Systems,
Inc. HE155 and HE622 ATM interfaces (&man.hatm.4;
<para>[&arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] IDT77252-based ATM cards
<para>[&arch.i386;] IDT77252-based ATM cards
(&man.patm.4; driver)</para>
<sect2 xml:id="wlan">
<title>Wireless Network Interfaces</title>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] Cisco/Aironet
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Cisco/Aironet
802.11b wireless adapters (&; driver)</para>
......@@ -1016,7 +974,7 @@
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] Lucent
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Lucent
Technologies WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11b wireless network adapters
and workalikes using the Lucent Hermes, Intersil PRISM-II,
Intersil PRISM-2.5, Intersil Prism-3, and Symbol Spectrum24
......@@ -1214,77 +1172,6 @@
<para>[&arch.pc98;] Internel serial interfaces (&man.sio.4;
<para>PC-9801 on-board</para>
<para>PC-9821 2'nd CCU (flags 0x12000000)</para>
<para>[&arch.pc98;] NEC PC-9861K, PC-9801-101 and Midori-Denshi
MDC-926Rs (&man.sio.4; driver)</para>
<para>COM2 (flags 0x01000000)</para>
<para>COM3 (flags 0x02000000)</para>
<para>[&arch.pc98;] NEC PC-9801-120 (&man.sio.4; driver)</para>
<para>"flags 0x11000000" is necessary in kernel
<para>[&arch.pc98;] Microcore MC-16550, MC-16550II, MC-RS98
(&man.sio.4; driver)</para>
<para>"flags 0x14000?01" is necessary in kernel
<para>[&arch.pc98;] Media Intelligent RSB-2000, RSB-3000 and
AIWA B98-02 (&man.sio.4; driver)</para>
<para>"flags 0x15000?01" is necessary in kernel
<para>[&arch.pc98;] Media Intelligent RSB-384 (&man.sio.4;
<para>"flags 0x16000001" is necessary in kernel
<para>[&arch.pc98;] I-O DATA RSA-98III (&man.sio.4;
<para>"flags 0x18000?01" is necessary in kernel
<para>[&arch.pc98;] Hayes ESP98 (&man.sio.4; driver)</para>
<para>"options COM_ESP" and "flags 0x19000000" are necessary
in kernel configuration.</para>
<sect2 xml:id="sound">
......@@ -1350,35 +1237,6 @@
<para>[&arch.pc98;] NEC PC-9801-73, 86 and compatibles (nss
<para>NEC A-MATE internal sound</para>
<para>Q-Vision WaveStar, WaveMaster</para>
<para>[&arch.pc98;] NEC X-MATE, CanBe, ValueStar internal (mss
<para>[&arch.pc98;] Creative Technologies SoundBlaster(98)
(&; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.pc98;] I-O DATA CD-BOX (&; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.pc98;] MPU-401 and compatible interfaces (mpu
<para>Q-Vision WaveStar</para>
<sect2 xml:id="camera">
......@@ -1392,7 +1250,7 @@
<sect2 xml:id="usb">
<title>USB Devices</title>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] A
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] A
range of USB peripherals are supported; devices known to work
are listed in this section. Owing to the generic nature of
most USB devices, with some exceptions any device of a given
......@@ -1400,14 +1258,14 @@
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;]
USB Ethernet adapters can be found in the section listing
<link linkend="ethernet">Ethernet
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;]
USB Bluetooth adapters can be found in <link linkend="bluetooth">Bluetooth</link> section.</para>
......@@ -1415,18 +1273,15 @@
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] USB
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] USB
2.0 controllers using the EHCI interface (&man.ehci.4;
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Hubs</para>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
Keyboards (&man.ukbd.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Keyboards (&man.ukbd.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Miscellaneous</para>
......@@ -1454,8 +1309,7 @@
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] Mice
(&man.ums.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Mice (&man.ums.4; driver)</para>
......@@ -1471,7 +1325,7 @@
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] Audio Devices
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Audio Devices
(&man.uaudio.4; driver)</para>
......@@ -1507,8 +1361,7 @@
<sect2 xml:id="misc">
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] FAX-Modem/PCCARD</para>
......@@ -1521,7 +1374,7 @@
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] Floppy drives
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Floppy drives
(&man.fdc.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] VGA-compatible video cards
......@@ -1533,8 +1386,7 @@
found at <uri xlink:href=""></uri>.</para>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
Keyboards including:</para>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Keyboards including:</para>
......@@ -1548,21 +1400,17 @@
<para>[&arch.pc98;] Standard keyboards</para>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;]
USB keyboards (&man.ukbd.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;]
Pointing devices including:</para>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] Bus mice and
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Bus mice and
compatible devices (&man.mse.4; driver)</para>
......@@ -1577,7 +1425,7 @@
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;]
USB mice (&man.ums.4; driver)</para>
......@@ -1591,17 +1439,10 @@
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] <quote>PC standard</quote>
parallel ports (&man.ppc.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.pc98;] <quote>PC-9821 standard</quote> parallel
ports (&man.ppc.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.i386;, &arch.amd64;] PC-compatible joysticks
(&; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.pc98;] Joystick port of SoundBlaster(98)
(&; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] PHS Data Communication
<para>[&arch.i386;] PHS Data Communication Card/PCCARD</para>
......@@ -1621,8 +1462,6 @@
cards compatible with the HOT1 from <link xlink:href="">Virtual Computers</link> (xrpu
<para>[&arch.pc98;] Power Management Controller of NEC PC-98
Note (pmc driver)</para>
......@@ -69,7 +69,6 @@
<para>&os; is an operating system based on 4.4 BSD Lite for
AMD64 and Intel EM64T based PC hardware (&arch.amd64;),
Intel, AMD, Cyrix or NexGen <quote>x86</quote> based PC hardware (&arch.i386;),
NEC PC-9801/9821 series PCs and compatibles (&arch.pc98;),
and &ultrasparc; machines (&arch.sparc64;). Versions
for the &arm; (&arch.arm;), &mips; (&arch.mips;), and
&powerpc; (&arch.powerpc;) architectures are currently under
......@@ -324,7 +323,7 @@
<para>On platforms that support &man.bsdinstall.8; (currently
&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;, and &arch.sparc64;), these documents are generally available via the
&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, and &arch.sparc64;), these documents are generally available via the
Documentation menu during installation. Once the system is
installed, you can revisit this menu by re-running the
&man.bsdinstall.8; utility.</para>
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
# the build tree.
ARCHS= amd64 i386 pc98 powerpc sparc64
ARCHS= amd64 i386 powerpc sparc64
UNITEXTS= hardware readme relnotes errata
......@@ -36,43 +36,42 @@
# <Driver name><tab><arch>[,<arch>...]
aac i386,amd64
adv i386,pc98,amd64
adw i386,pc98,amd64
adv i386,amd64
adw i386,amd64
aha i386
ahb i386
ahd i386,sparc64,amd64
aic i386,pc98,amd64
amd i386,pc98,amd64
aic i386,amd64
amd i386,amd64
arcmsr i386,amd64
asr i386
ath i386,pc98,amd64,sparc64
aue i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
axe i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
ath i386,amd64,sparc64
aue i386,amd64,powerpc
axe i386,amd64,powerpc
bce i386,amd64
bge i386,pc98,sparc64,amd64
bktr i386,pc98
bge i386,sparc64,amd64
bktr i386
bt i386,amd64
bxe i386,amd64
cdce i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
cdce i386,amd64,powerpc
ciss i386,amd64
ce i386,pc98
ce i386
cm i386
cnw i386,pc98,amd64
cp i386,pc98
ct pc98
cnw i386,amd64
cp i386
ctau i386
cue i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
cue i386,amd64,powerpc
cx i386
cxgb i386,amd64
de i386,pc98,amd64