Commit 2c0fcd0a authored by Cy Schubert's avatar Cy Schubert
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ipfilter: Print the correct TCP sequence index number

TCP sequence numbers in the FTP proxy are maintained in a two dimensional
array. The debug message prints the same seq[N] for both. Fix that.

(cherry picked from commit df38343e)
parent e7d5cb8b
......@@ -1415,7 +1415,7 @@ ipf_p_ftp_process(softf, fin, nat, ftp, rv)
printf("%s:seq[0](%u) + (%d) != (%u)\n",
"ipf_p_ftp_process", t->ftps_seq[0],
ackoff, thack);
printf("%s:seq[0](%u) + (%d) != (%u)\n",
printf("%s:seq[1](%u) + (%d) != (%u)\n",
"ipf_p_ftp_process", t->ftps_seq[1],
ackoff, thack);
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