Commit 3b654e08 authored by Wojciech Macek's avatar Wojciech Macek
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Add ns16550a compatible string in UART 8250 driver

Obtained from:         Semihalf
Submitted by:          Michal Stanek <>
Sponsored by:          Annapurna Labs
Approved by:           cognet (mentor)
Reviewed by:           imp, wma
Differential revision:
parent a2862b11
......@@ -397,6 +397,7 @@ struct uart_class uart_ns8250_class = {
#ifdef FDT
static struct ofw_compat_data compat_data[] = {
{"ns16550", (uintptr_t)&uart_ns8250_class},
{"ns16550a", (uintptr_t)&uart_ns8250_class},
{"snps,dw-apb-uart", (uintptr_t)&uart_ns8250_class},
{NULL, (uintptr_t)NULL},
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