Commit 3fd20a79 authored by Lutz Donnerhacke's avatar Lutz Donnerhacke
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libalias: Stats are unsigned

Stats counters are used as unsigned valued (i.e. printf("%u")) but are
defined as signed int.  This causes trouble later, so fix it early.

MFC after:	1 week
Differential Revision:
parent ed0a582d
......@@ -97,14 +97,14 @@ struct libalias {
/* HouseKeeping */
TAILQ_HEAD (, alias_link) checkExpire;
/* Link statistics */
int icmpLinkCount;
int udpLinkCount;
int tcpLinkCount;
int pptpLinkCount;
int protoLinkCount;
int fragmentIdLinkCount;
int fragmentPtrLinkCount;
int sockCount;
unsigned int icmpLinkCount;
unsigned int udpLinkCount;
unsigned int tcpLinkCount;
unsigned int pptpLinkCount;
unsigned int protoLinkCount;
unsigned int fragmentIdLinkCount;
unsigned int fragmentPtrLinkCount;
unsigned int sockCount;
/* System time in seconds for current packet */
int timeStamp;
/* If equal to zero, DeleteLink()
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