Commit 435b87a9 authored by Emmanuel Vadot's avatar Emmanuel Vadot
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bus_dma(9): Correct arm64 BUS_DMA_COHERENT implementation note

BUS_DMA_COHERENT isn't supported in bus_dmamap_create but bus_dma_tag_create.
Document it properly.

Submitted by:	andrew
parent a3c7cd11
......@@ -446,6 +446,15 @@ allocated with
Also, due to resource sharing with other tags, this flag does not guarantee
that resources will be allocated or reserved exclusively for this tag.
It should be treated only as a minor optimization.
Indicate that the DMA engine and CPU are cache-coherent.
Cached memory may be used to back allocations created by
.Fn bus_dmamem_alloc .
.Fn bus_dma_tag_create ,
flag is currently implemented on arm64.
.It Fa lockfunc
Optional lock manipulation function (may be
......@@ -504,7 +513,7 @@ For
.Fn bus_dmamap_create ,
flag is currently implemented on arm64 and sparc64.
flag is currently implemented on sparc64.
.It Fa mapp
Pointer to a
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