Commit 48736535 authored by Justin Hibbits's avatar Justin Hibbits
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powerpc64le: enable ISA_206_ATOMICS option

powerpc64le requires at minimum POWER8 hardware, so ISA 2.06 atomic
instructions are always available.

This isn't so for powerpc64 (BE), so isn't enabled by default there.
parent b5d227b0
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ options MAMBO # IBM Mambo Full System Simulator
options QEMU # QEMU processor emulator
options PSERIES # PAPR-compliant systems (e.g. IBM p)
options POWERNV # Non-virtualized OpenPOWER systems
options ISA_206_ATOMICS # PowerISA v2.06 optimized subword atomics
options FDT # Flattened Device Tree
options SCHED_ULE # ULE scheduler
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