Commit 4c018b5a authored by Peter Lei's avatar Peter Lei Committed by Gleb Smirnoff
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in_pcb: limit the effect of wraparound in TCP random port allocation check

The check to see if TCP port allocation should change from random to
sequential port allocation mode may incorrectly cause a false positive
due to negative wraparound.
    V_ipport_tcpallocs = 2147483585 (0x7fffffc1)
    V_ipport_tcplastcount = 2147483553 (0x7fffffa1)
    V_ipport_randomcps = 100
The original code would compare (2147483585 <= -2147483643) and thus
incorrectly move to sequential allocation mode.

Compute the delta first before comparing against the desired limit to
limit the wraparound effect (since tcplastcount is always a snapshot
of a previous tcpallocs).
parent f32357be
......@@ -2577,8 +2577,8 @@ ipport_tick(void *xtp)
VNET_FOREACH(vnet_iter) {
CURVNET_SET(vnet_iter); /* XXX appease INVARIANTS here */
if (V_ipport_tcpallocs <=
V_ipport_tcplastcount + V_ipport_randomcps) {
if (V_ipport_tcpallocs - V_ipport_tcplastcount <=
V_ipport_randomcps) {
if (V_ipport_stoprandom > 0)
} else
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