Commit 5903f595 authored by Justin Hibbits's avatar Justin Hibbits
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Fix the psl_userset32 definition.

It should be based on psl_userset, not psl_kernset.  As kernset, it would
inherit kernel config, including privilege level.
parent fdabb5f5
......@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ booke_cpu_init(void)
psl_userset = psl_kernset | PSL_PR;
#ifdef __powerpc64__
psl_userset32 = psl_kernset & ~PSL_CM;
psl_userset32 = psl_userset & ~PSL_CM;
psl_userstatic = ~(PSL_VEC | PSL_FP | PSL_FE0 | PSL_FE1);
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