Commit 5d75ffdd authored by Mateusz Guzik's avatar Mateusz Guzik
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vfs: remove an unused variable from nameicap_tracker_add

Reported by cc --analyze

Sponsored by:	Rubicon Communications, LLC ("Netgate")
parent dbc689cd
......@@ -178,11 +178,9 @@ static void
nameicap_tracker_add(struct nameidata *ndp, struct vnode *dp)
struct nameicap_tracker *nt;
struct componentname *cnp;
if ((ndp->ni_lcf & NI_LCF_CAP_DOTDOT) == 0 || dp->v_type != VDIR)
cnp = &ndp->ni_cnd;
nt = TAILQ_LAST(&ndp->ni_cap_tracker, nameicap_tracker_head);
if (nt != NULL && nt->dp == dp)
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