Commit 62c5be4a authored by Rick Macklem's avatar Rick Macklem
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nfscl: Add a check for "has acquired a delegation" to nfscl_removedeleg()

Commit 5e5ca4c8 added a flag to a NFSv4 mount point that is set when
the first delegation is acquired from the NFSv4 server.

For a common case where delegations are not being issued by the
NFSv4 server, the nfscl_removedeleg() code acquires the mutex lock for
open/lock state, finds the delegation list empty, then just unlocks the
mutex and returns. This patch adds a check of the flag to avoid the
need to acquire the mutex for this common case.

This change appears to be performance neutral for a small number
of opens, but should reduce lock contention for a large number of opens
for the common case where server is not issuing delegations.

This commit should not affect the high level semantics of delegation

MFC after:      2 weeks
parent 15d07799
......@@ -4604,6 +4604,12 @@ nfscl_removedeleg(vnode_t vp, NFSPROC_T *p, nfsv4stateid_t *stp)
int igotlock = 0, triedrecall = 0, needsrecall, retcnt = 0, islept;
nmp = VFSTONFS(vp->v_mount);
if ((nmp->nm_privflag & NFSMNTP_DELEGISSUED) == 0) {
return (retcnt);
np = VTONFS(vp);
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