Commit 67a9e76d authored by Warner Losh's avatar Warner Losh
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bus: Fix LINT / BUS_DEBUG build

Fix 0389e9be for LINT built. Removed an arg only from code
under BUS_DEBUG w/o rebuilding LINT...

Sponsored by:		Netflix
Fixes: 0389e9be
parent bf27a225
......@@ -5298,7 +5298,7 @@ print_device_short(device_t dev, int indent)
if (!dev)
indentprintf(("device %d: <%s> %sparent,%schildren,%s%s%s%s%s%s,%sivars,%ssoftc,busy=%d\n",
indentprintf(("device %d: <%s> %sparent,%schildren,%s%s%s%s%s,%sivars,%ssoftc,busy=%d\n",
dev->unit, dev->desc,
(dev->parent? "":"no "),
(TAILQ_EMPTY(&dev->children)? "no ":""),
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