Commit 6e822e99 authored by Cy Schubert's avatar Cy Schubert
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rc: fix parse of $local_startup

77e1ccbe introduced parallel execution
of rc. It separated groups with line feeds (\n) and elements within
groups using spaces. This is a natural separation due to rcorder
using spaces and lines to separate elements within groups with groups
of services separated by line feeds.

77e1ccbe parses the output from rcorder
by setting $IFS. However it failed to reset $IFS to default ' \t\n'
prior to calling find_local_scripts_new(), causing find_local_scripts_new()
to fail parsing $local_startup for site-specific local rc scripts, i.e.
${LOCALBASE}/etc/rc.d. This caused daemons from ports and packages such
as postfix, dovecot, nut, and others in ${LOCALBASE} not to be started.

PR:		249192
MFC after:	3 week
X-MFC with:	77e1ccbe
parent ec786886
......@@ -119,6 +119,7 @@ for _rc_group in ${files}; do
unset files local_rc
unset IFS
# Now that disks are mounted, for each dir in $local_startup
# search for init scripts that use the new rc.d semantics.
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