Commit 6fa58bfb authored by Colin Percival's avatar Colin Percival
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uefi(8): loader.efi does not search for loader.efi

This man page formerly referred to boot1.efi searching for loader.efi;
when boot1.efi was obsoleted in favour of having loader.efi launched
directly, this was left claiming that loader.efi searched for

Reviewed by:	bcran
Fixes:		db8b5613 Rework UEFI ESP generation
Differential Revision:
parent d677560d
......@@ -88,24 +88,6 @@ or
.Pa /boot/config .
.Pa loader.efi
searches partitions of type
.Li freebsd-ufs
.Li freebsd-zfs
.Pa loader.efi .
The search begins with partitions on the device from which
.Pa loader.efi
was loaded, and continues with other available partitions.
If both
.Li freebsd-ufs
.Li freebsd-zfs
partitions exist on the same device the
.Li freebsd-zfs
partition is preferred.
.Pa loader.efi
loads and boots the kernel, as described in
.Xr loader 8 .
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