Commit 77087b11 authored by Yasuhiro Kimura's avatar Yasuhiro Kimura
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Add myself as ports committer and update mentor/mentee information

It corresponds to the 5th step of the procedure described in section
7.1 of Committer's Guide.

Approved by:	meta (mentor)
Differential Revision:
parent 8deba29c
......@@ -292,6 +292,7 @@ woodsb02 [label="Ben Woods\\n2016/05/09"]
wxs [label="Wesley Shields\\n2008/01/03"]
xmj [label="Johannes Jost Meixner\\n2014/04/07"]
xride [label="Soeren Straarup\\n2006/09/27"]
yasu [label="Yasuhiro Kimura\\n2021/08/27"]
ygy [label="Guangyuan Yang\\n2021/05/17"]
yuri [label="Yuri Victorovich\\n2017/10/30"]
yzlin [label="Yi-Jheng Lin\\n2009/07/19"]
......@@ -607,6 +608,8 @@ matthew -> leres
matthew -> lifanov
matthew -> ultima
meta -> yasu
mezz -> tmclaugh
miwi -> amdmi3
......@@ -816,4 +819,6 @@ wxs -> skreuzer
wxs -> swills
wxs -> zi
ygy -> yasu
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