Commit 7a4a5200 authored by Dag-Erling Smørgrav's avatar Dag-Erling Smørgrav
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Fix cross-build from STABLE or older CURRENT.

Previously, zic and tzsetup were both listed as install tools and basic
bootstrap tools.  Actually, tzsetup is an install tool while zic is a
non-basic bootstrap tool.

Fixes:		783c318f
Sponsored by:	Klara, Inc.
Reviewed by:	jrtc27, emaste
Differential Revision:
parent f1021d27
......@@ -1319,10 +1319,6 @@ __installcheck_sh_check: .PHONY
# Required install tools to be saved in a scratch dir for safety.
.if ${MK_ZONEINFO} != "no"
_zoneinfo= zic tzsetup
.if !defined(CROSSBUILD_HOST)
......@@ -1330,14 +1326,19 @@ _sysctl=sysctl
ITOOLS= [ awk cap_mkdb cat chflags chmod chown cmp cp \
date echo egrep find grep id install ${_install-info} \
ln make mkdir mtree mv pwd_mkdb \
rm sed services_mkdb sh sort strip ${_sysctl} test time true uname wc \
${_zoneinfo} ${LOCAL_ITOOLS}
rm sed services_mkdb sh sort strip ${_sysctl} test time true uname wc
.if ${MK_ZONEINFO} != "no"
# Needed for share/man
.if ${MK_MAN_UTILS} != "no"
# distributeworld
......@@ -2238,6 +2239,11 @@ _strfile= usr.bin/fortune/strfile
# C source for loader built in font (8x16.c).
_vtfontcvt= usr.bin/vtfontcvt
# zic is used to compile timezone data
.if ${MK_ZONEINFO} != "no"
_zic= usr.sbin/zic
# If we are not building the bootstrap because BOOTSTRAPPING is sufficient
# we symlink the host version to $WORLDTMP instead. By doing this we can also
# detect when a bootstrap tool is being used without the required MK_FOO.
......@@ -2440,10 +2446,6 @@ _basic_bootstrap_tools+=usr.bin/jot
.if ${MK_ZONEINFO} != "no"
_basic_bootstrap_tools+=usr.sbin/zic usr.sbin/tzsetup
.for _subdir _links in ${_basic_bootstrap_tools_multilink}
......@@ -2528,6 +2530,7 @@ bootstrap-tools: ${_bt}-links .PHONY
${_localedef} \
${_mkcsmapper} \
${_mkesdb} \
${_zic} \
${_bt}-${_tool}: ${_bt}-links .PHONY .MAKE
${_+_}@${ECHODIR} "===> ${_tool} (obj,all,install)"; \
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