Commit 7d06c761 authored by Roger Pau Monné's avatar Roger Pau Monné
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x86/madt: allow Xen guest to use x2APIC mode

The old bogus Xen versions that would deliver a GPF when writing to
the LAPIC MSR are likely retired, so it's safe to enable x2APIC
unconditionally now if available.

Tested by: avg
Reviewed by: kib
Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D
Differential revision:
parent ca2a7262
......@@ -168,9 +168,6 @@ madt_x2apic_disable_reason(void)
return ("inside VMWare without intr redirection");
if (vm_guest == VM_GUEST_XEN)
return ("due to running under XEN");
if (vm_guest == VM_GUEST_NO &&
CPUID_TO_FAMILY(cpu_id) == 0x6 &&
CPUID_TO_MODEL(cpu_id) == 0x2a) {
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