Commit 7feea407 authored by Ian Lepore's avatar Ian Lepore
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Fix module loading on arm after the metadata.c unification in r329190.

Arm modules need an additional address fixup not needed by other platforms.
parent b5cdd987
......@@ -265,6 +265,7 @@ md_copymodules(vm_offset_t addr, int kern64)
struct preloaded_file *fp;
struct file_metadata *md;
uint64_t scratch64;
uint32_t scratch32;
int c;
c = addr != 0;
......@@ -281,7 +282,11 @@ md_copymodules(vm_offset_t addr, int kern64)
scratch64 = fp->f_size;
MOD_SIZE(addr, scratch64, c);
} else {
MOD_ADDR(addr, fp->f_addr, c);
scratch32 = fp->f_addr;
#ifdef __arm__
scratch32 -= __elfN(relocation_offset);
MOD_ADDR(addr, scratch32, c);
MOD_SIZE(addr, fp->f_size, c);
for (md = fp->f_metadata; md != NULL; md = md->md_next) {
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