Commit 8a656309 authored by Matt Macy's avatar Matt Macy
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kern_sendit: use pre-initialized rights

parent 983afe33
......@@ -92,6 +92,7 @@ __read_mostly cap_rights_t cap_renameat_source_rights;
__read_mostly cap_rights_t cap_renameat_target_rights;
__read_mostly cap_rights_t cap_seek_rights;
__read_mostly cap_rights_t cap_send_rights;
__read_mostly cap_rights_t cap_send_connect_rights;
__read_mostly cap_rights_t cap_setsockopt_rights;
__read_mostly cap_rights_t cap_shutdown_rights;
__read_mostly cap_rights_t cap_symlinkat_rights;
......@@ -140,6 +141,7 @@ __cap_rights_sysinit1(void *arg)
cap_rights_init(&cap_renameat_target_rights, CAP_RENAMEAT_TARGET);
cap_rights_init(&cap_seek_rights, CAP_SEEK);
cap_rights_init(&cap_send_rights, CAP_SEND);
cap_rights_init(&cap_send_connect_rights, CAP_SEND, CAP_CONNECT);
cap_rights_init(&cap_setsockopt_rights, CAP_SETSOCKOPT);
cap_rights_init(&cap_shutdown_rights, CAP_SHUTDOWN);
cap_rights_init(&cap_symlinkat_rights, CAP_SYMLINKAT);
......@@ -722,7 +722,7 @@ kern_sendit(struct thread *td, int s, struct msghdr *mp, int flags,
struct uio auio;
struct iovec *iov;
struct socket *so;
cap_rights_t rights;
cap_rights_t *rights;
#ifdef KTRACE
struct uio *ktruio = NULL;
......@@ -730,12 +730,12 @@ kern_sendit(struct thread *td, int s, struct msghdr *mp, int flags,
int i, error;
cap_rights_init(&rights, CAP_SEND);
rights = &cap_send_rights;
if (mp->msg_name != NULL) {
AUDIT_ARG_SOCKADDR(td, AT_FDCWD, mp->msg_name);
cap_rights_set(&rights, CAP_CONNECT);
rights = &cap_send_connect_rights;
error = getsock_cap(td, s, &rights, &fp, NULL, NULL);
error = getsock_cap(td, s, rights, &fp, NULL, NULL);
if (error != 0) {
return (error);
......@@ -441,6 +441,7 @@ extern cap_rights_t cap_renameat_source_rights;
extern cap_rights_t cap_renameat_target_rights;
extern cap_rights_t cap_seek_rights;
extern cap_rights_t cap_send_rights;
extern cap_rights_t cap_send_connect_rights;
extern cap_rights_t cap_setsockopt_rights;
extern cap_rights_t cap_shutdown_rights;
extern cap_rights_t cap_symlinkat_rights;
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