Commit 94dddbfd authored by Kyle Evans's avatar Kyle Evans
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if_wg: export tx_bytes, rx_bytes, and last_handshake

The names are self-explanatory; these are currently only used by the
wg(8) tool, but they are handy data points to have.

Reviewed by:	grehan
MFC after:	3 days
Discussed with:	decke
Differential Revision:
parent 0dd691b4
......@@ -69,11 +69,19 @@ MALLOC_DEFINE(M_WG, "WG", "wireguard");
struct wg_timespec64 {
uint64_t tv_sec;
uint64_t tv_nsec;
struct wg_peer_export {
struct sockaddr_storage endpoint;
struct timespec last_handshake;
uint8_t public_key[WG_KEY_SIZE];
size_t endpoint_sz;
struct wg_allowedip *aip;
uint64_t rx_bytes;
uint64_t tx_bytes;
int aip_count;
uint16_t persistent_keepalive;
......@@ -419,6 +427,9 @@ wg_peer_to_export(struct wg_peer *peer, struct wg_peer_export *exp)
exp->persistent_keepalive =
wg_timers_get_last_handshake(&peer->p_timers, &exp->last_handshake);
exp->rx_bytes = counter_u64_fetch(peer->p_rx_bytes);
exp->tx_bytes = counter_u64_fetch(peer->p_tx_bytes);
exp->aip_count = 0;
CK_LIST_FOREACH(rt, &peer->p_routes, r_entry) {
......@@ -449,6 +460,7 @@ wg_peer_to_export(struct wg_peer *peer, struct wg_peer_export *exp)
static nvlist_t *
wg_peer_export_to_nvl(struct wg_peer_export *exp)
struct wg_timespec64 ts64;
nvlist_t *nvl;
if ((nvl = nvlist_create(0)) == NULL)
......@@ -462,10 +474,19 @@ wg_peer_export_to_nvl(struct wg_peer_export *exp)
nvlist_add_binary(nvl, "allowed-ips", exp->aip,
exp->aip_count * sizeof(*exp->aip));
ts64.tv_sec = exp->last_handshake.tv_sec;
ts64.tv_nsec = exp->last_handshake.tv_nsec;
nvlist_add_binary(nvl, "last_handshake", &ts64, sizeof(ts64));
if (exp->persistent_keepalive != 0)
nvlist_add_number(nvl, "persistent-keepalive-interval",
if (exp->rx_bytes != 0)
nvlist_add_number(nvl, "rx_bytes", exp->rx_bytes);
if (exp->tx_bytes != 0)
nvlist_add_number(nvl, "tx_bytes", exp->tx_bytes);
return (nvl);
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