Commit 972c7fcd authored by Kyle Evans's avatar Kyle Evans
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lualoader: Use string literal \xNN instead of string.char()

parent cb4fbe4e
......@@ -313,13 +313,13 @@ function drawer.drawbox()
local w = drawer.box_pos_dim.w
local h = drawer.box_pos_dim.h
local hl = string.char(0xCD)
local vl = string.char(0xBA)
local hl = "\xCD"
local vl = "\xBA"
local tl = string.char(0xC9)
local bl = string.char(0xC8)
local tr = string.char(0xBB)
local br = string.char(0xBC)
local tl = "\xC9"
local bl = "\xC8"
local tr = "\xBB"
local br = "\xBC"
screen.setcursor(x, y); print(tl)
screen.setcursor(x, y+h); print(bl)
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