Commit 9f0b5687 authored by Daniel Ebdrup Jensen's avatar Daniel Ebdrup Jensen
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carp(4): Make regex additionally match on VLAN interfaces

This tiny change to the example makes devd capable of reacting to carp
status change events on VLAN interfaces.

Reported by:	Thomas Steen Rasmussen (tykling) <thomas at>
parent a04ce833
......@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@ status change events can be set up by using the following devd.conf rule:
.Bd -literal -offset indent
notify 0 {
match "system" "CARP";
match "subsystem" "[0-9]+@[0-9a-z]+";
match "subsystem" "[0-9]+@[0-9a-z\.]+";
match "type" "(MASTER|BACKUP)";
action "/root/ $subsystem $type";
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