Commit b97c7abc authored by Alan Somers's avatar Alan Somers
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fusefs: delete dead code

It was always dead, accidentally included in SVN r345876.

MFC after:	2 weeks
Reviewed by:	pfg
parent d261e57d
......@@ -976,12 +976,6 @@ fdisp_refresh_vp(struct fuse_dispatcher *fdip, enum fuse_opcode op,
td->td_proc->p_pid, cred);
fdisp_refresh(struct fuse_dispatcher *fdip)
SDT_PROBE_DEFINE2(fusefs, , ipc, fdisp_wait_answ_error, "char*", "int");
......@@ -439,8 +439,6 @@ fdisp_destroy(struct fuse_dispatcher *fdisp)
void fdisp_refresh(struct fuse_dispatcher *fdip);
void fdisp_make(struct fuse_dispatcher *fdip, enum fuse_opcode op,
struct mount *mp, uint64_t nid, struct thread *td, struct ucred *cred);
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