Commit bd1d0850 authored by Gleb Smirnoff's avatar Gleb Smirnoff
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udp_multi_input(): the UDP header is only needed for probes

Reported by:	kib
Fixes:		de2d4784
parent 4b4cce02
......@@ -421,7 +421,9 @@ udp_multi_input(struct mbuf *m, int proto, struct sockaddr_in *udp_in)
struct ip *ip = mtod(m, struct ip *);
struct inpcb_iterator inpi = INP_ITERATOR(udp_get_inpcbinfo(proto),
INPLOOKUP_RLOCKPCB, udp_multi_match, ip);
struct udphdr *uh = (struct udphdr *)(ip + 1);
struct inpcb *inp;
struct mbuf *n;
int appends = 0;
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