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man: Remove obsolete info from hosts man page

The NIC no longer provides a host database, and hasn't for quite some
time. Remove that paragraph, it's not been relevant for many years. Also, hosts
appeared in 4.1c, not 4.2, so correct that too.

Noticed by: Henry Bent
parent 8423f5d4
......@@ -64,20 +64,6 @@ These include addresses for the local interfaces that
.Xr ifconfig 8
needs at boot time and a few machines on the local network.
This file may be created from the official host
data base maintained at the Network Information Control
.Pq Tn NIC ,
though local changes may be required
to bring it up to date regarding unofficial aliases
and/or unknown hosts.
As the data base maintained at
is incomplete, use of the name server is recommended for
sites on the
Network addresses are specified in the conventional
``.'' (dot) notation using the
.Xr inet_addr 3
......@@ -106,4 +92,4 @@ file resides in
file format appeared in
.Bx 4.2 .
.Bx 4.1c .
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