Commit c3c880be authored by Konstantin Belousov's avatar Konstantin Belousov
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uipc_shm: silent warnings about write-only variables in largepage code

(cherry picked from commit 3b5331dd)
parent 17c83b76
......@@ -263,7 +263,7 @@ static int
shm_largepage_phys_populate(vm_object_t object, vm_pindex_t pidx,
int fault_type, vm_prot_t max_prot, vm_pindex_t *first, vm_pindex_t *last)
vm_page_t m;
vm_page_t m __diagused;
int psind;
psind = object->un_pager.phys.data_val;
......@@ -733,7 +733,8 @@ shm_dotruncate_largepage(struct shmfd *shmfd, off_t length, void *rl_cookie)
vm_object_t object;
vm_page_t m;
vm_pindex_t newobjsz, oldobjsz;
vm_pindex_t newobjsz;
vm_pindex_t oldobjsz __unused;
int aflags, error, i, psind, try;
KASSERT(length >= 0, ("shm_dotruncate: length < 0"));
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