Commit d46b000e authored by Alexander V. Chernikov's avatar Alexander V. Chernikov
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routing: remove duplicate error message after 5c23343b.

MFC after:	2 weeks
parent dc6f578a
......@@ -357,8 +357,6 @@ unlink_nhop(struct nh_control *ctl, struct nhop_priv *nh_priv_del)
num_items_new = bitmask_get_resize_items(&ctl->nh_idx_head);
FIB_CTL_LOG(LOG_INFO, ctl, "Unable to unlink nhop priv %p from hash, hash %u ctl %p",
nh_priv_del, hash_priv(nh_priv_del), ctl);
if (priv_ret == NULL) {
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